Club riders have logged 7,612 miles in 2019!   
Last year the club logged 207,865 miles!   
Since 2009, the club has logged 2,510,864 miles!   
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Trails and Paths...
Cycling and Multi Use Paths (Mountain Biking is here)

the famous
Peachtree City Cart Paths

Over 90 miles of multi-use paths fill the city, connecting shopping, subdivisions, churches, and recreation areas. Google Maps shows the paths when zoomed in close enough. The markings are inadequate for the unfamiliar. Your smartphone can help.

Peachtree City Street & Path Maps, App - 2013 PTC Street & Path Maps are available at City Hall and the Peachtree City Visitors Center for $2 per map. The Peachtree City CVB App is also available as a free download, with information on events, dining, shopping, and accommodations. Available for Android ( and Apple iPhone (

If on a bicycle keep a wary eye for golf carts. Teeneagers with cellphones are a real hazard. There are many blind corners.

Atlanta PATH System

The Atlanta area PATH system has grown tremendousyl!. You can find out more about various multi-use paths at this PATH link. Your destinations can now include Arabia Mountain, Chastain Park, Eastside Beltline, Island-Wide, Linel Hamption, Nancy Creek, Northwest Atlanta, Olde Town Conyors, PATH 400, South Peachtree Creek, Southtowne, Stone Mountain, and the Westside Beltline Trail.

the Silver Comet Trail
west of Atlanta

The Silver Comet is a rails to trails that runs from Smyrna (NW of downtown Atlanta) to the Alabama boarder, where it joins with the Chief Ladega trail.

Callaway Gardens
Pine Mountain, GA

10 mile scenic route through these famous gardens.  Entry fee required.






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