Club riders have logged 104,840 miles in 2017!   
Last year the club logged 316,617 miles!   
Since 2009, the club has logged 2,164,637 miles!   
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Only 10 Days Until the...
SSCC Century Ride
Saturday, July 8th, 2017 8AM
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This year's TURTLE SAVE leaders are sarahinfayette(14), Grammabikes(12), Lisa H(6),  
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35+ last Week 17 members rode between 35-100 miles last week!!!
100+ last Week 11 members rode over 100 miles last week!!!
100+ last Month 13 members rode 100-250 miles last month!!!
250+ last Month 12 members rode 250-400 miles last month!!!
400+ last Month 18 members rode over 400 miles last month!!!
1000+ This Year 22 members have ridden over 1000 miles this year!!!
2000+ This Year 12 members have ridden over 2000 miles this year!!!
3000+ This Year 2 members have ridden over 3000 miles this year!!!
4000+ This Year 3 members have ridden over 4000 miles this year!!!
5000+ This Year 1 members have ridden over 5000 miles this year!!!
Join us and add your name to the list of riders achieving these milestones!
1000+ LAST Year 24 members rode over 1000 miles last year!!!
3000+ LAST Year 21 members rode over 3000 miles last year!!!
5000+ LAST Year 25 members rode over 5000 miles last year!!!