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Posted Dec 7, 1:17PM By Keith Larson
Here is the latest update on the the "American Vision for Safer Transportation through Advancement of Revolutionary Technologies Act” or the “AV START Act”.

The League of American Bicyclists submitted a letter endorsed by Bike FAYETTE and Georgia Bikes! and many other bicycle advocates in the U.S. to the Senate seeking changes to AV START bill-

The sponsors of the bill released a new version of the bill this week - including changes we advocated for!

Safety Evaluation Reports
Specifically, we were able to get improvements in the safety evaluation reports in regards to bicyclists, pedestrians and other road users. The original bill language required AV manufacturers to describe how their Automated Driving Systems (ADS) had "a sense of" bicyclists, pedestrians, etc. We were able to get “sense of” clarified to include “detection, classification, and response” to bicyclists. pedestrians, etc.

Under this new language, manufacturers will have to describe through a documented assessment, testing, and validation process, how their vehicles can successfully detect and respond to bicyclists, pedestrians, etc. opening themselves up to liability if the vehicle fails to do so.
• We believe this change gives us a hook when working with manufacturers to push for testing including many of the situations we are concerned with:
o Following safe passing laws, and safely passing bicyclists even where there isn't a law
o Ensuring AVs detect bicyclists stopped at red lights and pedestrians preparing to cross the street, and anticipating their movements to avoid dangerous right or left turns.
o Include situations like dooring.
• What we didn't get
o It is not the pre-market national standard or "vision test" that we advocated for.
o The manufacturers still get to design, implement and report on testing done of AVs. (Similar to how testing works for all cars now) but because the manufacturer has to certify specifically on detect, identify and respond to bicyclists and pedestrians their liability in increased.
o However, a standard test is in the purview of NHTSA. The League is working with other partners to advocate for such a test at NHTSA.
Language on liability
• Limits federal pre-emption and forced arbitration for cases for "death and bodily harm". There had been a debate to use 'serious injury' instead of 'bodily harm'. Serious injury is a term defined differently in different states, and is much higher bar to cross. Bodily injury can include any physical injury.
There were other substantial changes to improving data sharing (aggregate for safety reasons) and local control.

The League's position-
• We still think we could get a better bill in the next Congress
o If the AV START Act fails, we can take this new language as the starting point, and push for even stronger language.
• However, we believe these improvements are substantial and will not actively oppose the bill - ASSUMING THE NEW LANGUAGE STANDS
o If the language changes for any reason, or at any stage of adoption we will once again oppose.

What happens now on AV START
• While this new language has a much better chance of passing vs. the original language. There are still major time and unrelated policy constraints
o One change that could help the bill is Congress is extending their deadline until December 21
• The sponsors of the bill are hoping to attach the bill to the final Senate budget package of the year- which they will need to do next week.
o To do this:
 Congress and the White House have to compromise on overall budget concerns, and agree to not shutting down the government
 If the govt shuts down, the bill dies.
 The Senate will have to agree on any and all riders (amendments) they are willing to accept.
 The House has to agree to the Senate bill
 This is not a done deal. The House likes their bill better.
 The House Dems also would rather write a new bill next year. It is not clear how much clout they will have .
 The Senate would have to pass their bill (and attach the AV START Act) before the House adjourns for the holiday break.
 The House is a bit more nimble and usually leaves first.
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