Club riders have logged 140,201 miles in 2017!   
Last year the club logged 316,617 miles!   
Since 2009, the club has logged 2,199,998 miles!   
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Posted Apr 18, 9:50PM By tdbama
Anyone interested in riding the Cheaha Challenge, there is a training ride, May 6th. Also, anyone interested in the Coldwater Mtb Rides, I can hook you up with some locals.

The final Cheaha Training Ride is scheduled for Saturday, May 6th at 8:00 am.
Where: Golden Springs Baptist Church, 3 Robertson Road, Anniston, AL 36207

Details: Multiple groups will form over multiple routes. All routes are out-and-back and are easily modified in case you want to add miles, decrease miles, or join a group. 

Why do it?

These rides are awesome. You may do it in order to help prepare for the Cheaha Challenge, but you will discover one of the greatest routes you can find, and it is close enough to drive over and do in a day. The routes are challenging, visually spectacular, easy to navigate with limited turns, light traffic, and a great group of people. In fact, the question is really "why not do it?".


Short: A 30 mile loop (this one is not out-and-back but could be done so with an increase to 40 miles). This route goes about halfway up the Scenic Parkway and covers the climbs of Heflin Mountain (Hwy 78 to the second overlook/1.5 miles), and Horseblock Mountain (0.6 miles at 7%). 

Medium: From the church to the top and back. 65 miles, 6,500 feet. This route can be modified to add Adam's Gap (85 mile route), or shortened by returning on the 30 mile loop return (55 miles total).

Long: There are several options for 85+ miles.

A simple out and back from the church to Adam's Gap and back is about 85 miles and perhaps 8,500' elevation. This route can abbreviated by taking the 30 mile loop return (75 miles total). 

There is also a harder 85 mile option that starts with two quick, tough climbs (Anniston Bypass + Bain's Gap) and proceeds to the top of Mt. Cheaha and returns the same route, with Bain's/Bypass again at the end. This route is perhaps 9,000' elevation or so. 

The long route will mirror the above, harder 85 mile option, but will continue past the top of Cheaha Mountain on to Adam's Gap. The route will be approximately 100 miles and about 11,000' elevation. 

A word about the trip from the top to Adam's Gap: From the start of the parkway to the top, the Scenic Parkway is tree-lined with limited views of the surrounding countryside. This is not so for the 14-mile out-and-back of the trip from the top to Adam's Gap. Much of this stretch of road has a wide open view of the valley below and the distant rolling hills. The views are spectacular and offers perhaps the prettiest section of the entire scenic parkway. If you have the legs to make this challenging portion of road, take the opportunity to see it. It will be worth the effort.

We hope to see you on May 6th for the final official training ride (Insider Tip: there's a group riding it every Saturday, so hit me up and coordinate an extra trip if you are up for it).

Bring food, flat repair items, hydration, cash for store. This ride offers moral support, but not food and water.
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