Club riders have logged 171,245 miles in 2018!   
Last year the club logged 235,601 miles!   
Since 2009, the club has logged 2,466,633 miles!   
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Chris Doane
Vice Pres
Fred Fratto
Jan Fratto
Howard Arce
Michael Cardone
Lisa Cervantes
Ann Curcio
Jeanette Smith
Amy Stitt
Sarah Swab
Cathy Vining
Curly Culp




The Southside Cycling Club is calling for nominations for Board Members for 2019. You may nominate yourself or a fellow club member.

Serving on the SSCC BoD requires a commitment of time and energy.

A member of the Board of Directors shall:

  • Be a SSCC member in good standing.
  • Actively participate in board business (attend majority of monthly meetings), be active in SSCC activities, and provide positive thought leadership to the BoD.
  • Volunteer to lead and/or help plan and implement club events.
  • Be an ambassador for the club, help in membership recruitment and welcome new members at rides or other club events.
  • Demonstrate safe cyclist behavior and encourage all club members to do the same.
This year's TURTLE SAVE leaders are velorandy(2), Grammabikes(1), sarahinfayette(1),  
(See all Turtle Save, and/or enter yours here!)
Join us and add your name to the list of riders achieving these milestones!
35+ last Week 17 members rode between 35-100 miles last week!!!
100+ last Week 10 members rode over 100 miles last week!!!
100+ last Month 16 members rode 100-250 miles last month!!!
250+ last Month 14 members rode 250-400 miles last month!!!
400+ last Month 18 members rode over 400 miles last month!!!
1000+ This Year 16 members have ridden over 1000 miles this year!!!
2000+ This Year 14 members have ridden over 2000 miles this year!!!
3000+ This Year 2 members have ridden over 3000 miles this year!!!
4000+ This Year 9 members have ridden over 4000 miles this year!!!
5000+ This Year 9 members have ridden over 5000 miles this year!!!
Join us and add your name to the list of riders achieving these milestones!
1000+ LAST Year 25 members rode over 1000 miles last year!!!
3000+ LAST Year 19 members rode over 3000 miles last year!!!
5000+ LAST Year 14 members rode over 5000 miles last year!!!