Club riders have logged 260,182 miles in 2015!   
Last year the club logged 326,704 miles!   
Since 2009, the club has logged 1,630,918 miles!   
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Nat Haytcher
Vice Pres
Fred Fratto
Jen Heintz
Nancy Dodgen
Ann Curcio
Judy Mahfood
Candy O'Keefe
Tyrus Ridgway
Stephen Shackelford
Amy Stitt
Curly Culp


Southside Cycling 2015 Annual Meeting!
Food! Beverages! Conviviality!
(And our solemn promise to conduct as little official business as humanly possible!!)
Monday, Oct 5. 6:30 pm. Woodcreek Subdivision Clubhouse
Please DO sign up via the listing on the calendar so we have an idea of numbers.

Join us and add your name to the list of riders achieving these milestones!
35+ last Week 19 members rode between 35-100 miles last week!!!
100+ last Week 9 members rode over 100 miles last week!!!
100+ last Month 21 members rode 100-250 miles last month!!!
250+ last Month 13 members rode 250-400 miles last month!!!
400+ last Month 31 members rode over 400 miles last month!!!
1000+ This Year 19 members have ridden over 1000 miles this year!!!
2000+ This Year 13 members have ridden over 2000 miles this year!!!
3000+ This Year 9 members have ridden over 3000 miles this year!!!
4000+ This Year 11 members have ridden over 4000 miles this year!!!
5000+ This Year 14 members have ridden over 5000 miles this year!!!
Join us and add your name to the list of riders achieving these milestones!
1000+ LAST Year 40 members rode over 1000 miles last year!!!
3000+ LAST Year 23 members rode over 3000 miles last year!!!
5000+ LAST Year 20 members rode over 5000 miles last year!!!

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